Beholding Thresholds

Crafting Meaningful Passage

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  • 99 US dollars
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Service Description

The rituals we practice day in and day out, year in and year out, have an incredible impact on our lives, health and sense of connectivity with the larger world. 'To Honor Life' is a collaborative space to drop into the mythic dimension of your life and design the moments that mark the passage of time in you and your families life. Ritual is the most ancient birthright of humanity, one that weaves us together with the Otherworld- the Realm of Spirit. We all practice ritual in one way or another. When we bring our hearts intention together with a well crafted space that profoundly represents our values, relationships, hopes and dreams- we enter a world of utter possibility and deep meaning. Any 'rite of passage', so to speak, is a perfect moment to slow down and thread the tapestry of our lives with heartfelt intention. For example, when we were working on weaning my son from breast milk. We talked about it and took gradual steps over the course of many months. I wanted to honor the transition with a simple ritual. For ritual speaks to the deep psyche that a transition is occurring. Nothing I know signals to the psyche quite like the intentional act of ritual. I picked a full moon and my son, myself and his father (we practice co-parenting) went to the tree in the forest where his placenta is buried. We laid a cloth out on the forest floor, lit a candle and made offerings. We drank hot chocolate together, talked about how num-num's (nursing) was ending, he had his final nurse, and he blew out the candle. All done. Witnessed by his family and the forest that holds him close and dear. There were zero issues with his acclimating to being a 'big boy'. We also started only calling him big boy, no more baby words. I was and still am so incredibly grateful for how graceful and smooth this process went. I see it as a perfect example of the power of honoring life- most especially the threshold moments that deserve and require support, special care and guidance from the Unseen. This is one of endless situations where carving out the space to honor the passage of seasons and phases, is among the most life affirming, empowering and nourishing things we can do. In this consultation we explore that which you are called to honor and the ways and elements that will support the greatest unfolding of this sacred event, however small or great. How you relate with your life is yours to create. *Payment plans are available.

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