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Women of the Earth

Women of the Earth,

Your waters are pure,

You bring forth life.

With your tender embrace you nurture and bring the comfort

Needed to travel the many cycles.

With the innate beauty you bestow, inspiration is brought forth.

Your arms hold the future, your breasts feed life.

Mothers, Grandmothers, Little Ones,

Wisdom lives in your body and you share it with your voices, your songs.

Sing your love upon the Earth-

Envelope her with your care, allow your roots to run deep into the land

And hear her call in your cells.

You are the Great Body, the Spirit in human form.

Celebrate the richness of this connection.

Women, you too hold the destructive force.

You know when death has come and the time to lay rest the old.

The ceremonies of the Ancients live in your memory as the oak’s dream lives in the acorn.

Call forth the Sacred Ways of Life and Death.

Full cycle living, honoring, reflecting moonlight in your womb.

You know how to listen deeply to the needs called forth by the

Spirits of the Directions.

Throughout time, you have met at the rivers and the water wells,

watching the seasons come and go.

You bake the bread of togetherness.

Women, you are beauty, wisdom, and certainty.

You are medicine makers of the plants and pollens.

You are this relation of fire, water, earth and air.

The holders of the Eggs, Great Creatrix.

May the sisters continue to braid each other’s hair,

Collect the flowers and adorn the altar of beauty for Earth and Sky.

May the rites of passage of birth, womanhood and elder

Be carved into the mantle of time.

We honor life, the giver and the taker of life.

Sing the songs of harmony so the future may have a place on these sacred soils.

Drink of the waters of the Sacred Spring within,

it is here you will find your souls refreshment.

Give thanks for dining on the landscape-

The plants and animals that nourish your bodies and guide you along your way.

Drink the brew of Remembrance and dance and cry your way to balance.

Mothers, your daughters will do as you do.

Women of the Earth,

Your waters are pure.

You bring forth life.

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