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In the Embrace of Brilliance

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Spring is emerging, once again, from dormancy to begin the journey of flourishing that leaves no one out. Not Aster nor Black Bear, not Cottonwood nor Rose; not even those humans that sometimes imagine they are not also ruled by the Grand Forces of Nature.

In this moment of thaw mixed with snowfall and the dynamic hues of dusk and dawn, there is an eminent intelligence that ushers itself upon the lands strewn with tender Artemesia leaflets, through dew laden bare branches and into the heart of humanity. Among this endless stream of super natural input, a filament of brilliance wishes to be encoded upon our consciousness, as it has so many, many times before. A humble reminder, perhaps. A call to something of Home.

From an old star or a half forgotten sacred grove on the edge of the world, a whisper is caught upon a wind; a voice of ambition and prospect. The vocables are slow, precise; both sound and silence cloaked in the language of lightening and the fragrance of Cherry Blossoms in the sun.

We are taking in too much artificial light. It has an actual de-naturing effect on all layers of our being. We are fed by light. We may not photosynthesize like our plant friends, but in some way, in our ancient mitochondria, we kind of do.

We are fed by light. We are nourished by the Ones who shine upon us from above. Those we know as Sun, Moon, Stars. They are THE LUMINARIES of our existence; of all the lands and all the times, here for us and with us every moment of every day.

We are emboldened to breathe in their luminosity. We are invited to reach our hands out to them in praise and in familial embrace as is our true way, however obscure and buried. We are implored to, at least, balance the quantity of the artificial glare we experience with that of the superior golden illumination of our days and the silver shimmer of our nights.

Trees, in their natural sequence, hold an incredible charge of cosmic luminosity at all moments. They, too, can be consulted for the nutritional brilliance we require to live and thrive as people of this Earth.

May you bathe in the remembrance of your heritage as a sacred child of the love between the heavenly lights and womb of the Earth.

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