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In Honor of the Little People

The Little People, as far as I understand, are of the Hallowed Earth. They exist outside our understanding and constructs of time, though they certainly weave themselves into our reality. Children and those sensitive enough to See or Sense, are more likely to catch a glimmer of a glimpse of them out of the corner of their eyes. The Little People are always watching and observing how we conduct ourselves. They are fierce guardians of the Earth, Sacred Knowledge and so much more than I could ever know or say.

Our ancestors surely left offerings of honey and sweet cakes to them, no matter the lands they inhabited, for they are known worldwide in every culture. The Dagara of West Africa call them Kontomblé and they are deeply revered and known as Beings of incredible power, knowledge and healing; to the Lakota, they are called Wiwila Oyate. You may know them as Gnomes or Leprachauns.

Its been said, someone goes to collect firewood in the forest or to fetch water at a stream and they are chosen by the Little People. They disappear for 7 years in human time though they spent only a short time away in their experience. They return and serve their community with the Medicine they learned and received in the Otherworld from the Little People.

When I engage the thought of connecting with the plants and healing forces of these lands, I must at least recognize them. Better yet, I reach out my hand in friendship and deep respect to these long time allies. Is it not time to ask for help? Is it not time to seek the council of those who remember the ways of the Earth? I, for one, believe it is time to return to knowledge that has supported generations upon generations of life. We cannot go back nor recreate a time already come and gone. Here we are, staring up at the mountain we can and will cross. I do not believe our hope lies in manmade technologies. It lives and breathes in the embrace of relationship, in returning to our Elders and engaging the ancient future.

Thank You, Little People of the Earth. You will always have a place at my table and in my heart. In Humility and Love.

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