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Become Fluent In Another Kind of Language

I live for twilight.

Much of the day is spent wondering what I am supposed to be doing in a mars kind of way.

Right? Action, aiming, doing.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Then, the sun sets and a breeze invites me onto the mountain.

I put on my best furs and race up the way to catch the last glimmer of slim orange clouds hanging over the western horizon.

I peer into a purple valley, glimmering with moonlight and am at utter ease.

Venus crowns our lady the moon and I melt into the forest community I have come to rely on.

The earth speaks in myth,

says Beloved Storyteller, Martin Shaw.

And since that is the case, sometimes when you are out there in the wood, in the desert, in the jungle and you are trying to get answers to questions that would really help you clarify your life, you just can't seem to get a straight answer.

At least that's often how it is for me.

You hear things like, "your task is mercurial in nature."

Which perhaps to the common ear it might as well be latin.


But, when you start becoming fluent in forest language, mythic tongue,

poetic dialogue,

It starts to make sense.

I promise. Just don't give up.

you have to become a fertile field

Fertility doesn't have anything to do with linear rationality.

Though of course it makes perfect sense.

Fertility is an energy of receptivity, of spaciousness to receive and being free of knowing it all or thinking it should be a certain way so you can possibly at the right micro-moment glimpse a crumb of eternity, a whisper of the ages.

I like the saying herbalists often say, "plants don't read books".

Meaning, they have actions, energies, qualities, characteristics far beyond what the written word has documented.

The map is not the territory.

Remember that, always.

Life, God, The Spirit Realm lives in its own terms. You are a part of it yet it owes you nothing as far as fitting in with the small perception of reality you have come to define yourself by. (All of us with human minds tend to do this- think we know reality, think we know how it is)

So, when you go up on the mountain or on pilgrimage or simply fast for a few days (all of which I couldn't more highly recommend for the health of the human soul) and become O P E N, truly receptive,

This is among the most beautiful things a human being can experience.

True and utter emptiness.

This is a common time that God speaks to us.

This is one of the ways we fortify the lines of communication we have longed for.

Its been right there all along

Connection. Peace. Clarity. Simple Joy. Understanding.

I learn over and over again more reasons to spend time alone in the forest.

It is nourishing on every level.

And something about tonight shone a new light on it for me,

you have to get out of the noise of your own head, out of the noise and neon lights of the modern human realm, even away from the firelight of tribe and nation for just long enough

to be able to hear and slowly, slowly become fluent in another kind of language.

The language of the living earth.

And how God is talking to you all the days of your life.


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