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In the Company of Trees

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

When I go to the forest, I am a child in wonderland.

A secret password & gesture

permits my entrance

in a way I believe

is a magical way.

How many worlds we walk in

in this world, I do not know.

I only hope to honor them as best I can.

You see, I prefer the company of trees.

I pray to co-habit the realm in which they live.

Join in communion of root to tip-

gathering the heavens and elements

breath by breath, day after day.

These silent moments are my precious gems.

These opportunities to touch the wildness

of the world with my own.

Reach for the vision that only comes

if and when it means to.

It is here I come to learn,

train to sense the subtle,

open the ancient gates that once

allowed humans and plants to speak




The aroma of needle and deep earth,

skin to forest floor and crisp spring air.

In this land of giant kin

I rejoice,

beyond word or form

in the language of the heart.

In the company of trees

I kneel,

recall a faint memory

that is neither here nor there


beckons me home,


I need them.

We all do.

All I can say is Thank You.

All I can do is my best

to protect and revere

The Sacredness of who they are.

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