Textured Wood

Deep in your bones you know... 

You are innately rooted within the intelligence of the Earth. 

Textured Wood

Remembering Place and Purpose through ritual and relationship.

Medicinal Heritage supports people (like you) in rooting, remembering and revitalizing wellbeing and connection with the living world. 

Nourished by the elements. 

Illuminated by starlight

+ ancient tale.

 Seeded by the songs of your ancestors, long ago.

You are a Mythic + Multi-Dimensional Being.



Image by Brandon LeClaire
Coastline at Sunset

Are you ready to put your life in accord with the heartbeat of your Original Nature?


Medicinal Heritage comes from the perspective that every piece of the world is alive, sentient and worthy of respect. When we take the time and care to build relationship with the lands and Beings around us, abundant gates of nourishment, joy and a sense of place naturally enter our lives. 

We come to realize that we are living in a vibrant and sacred place that deserves to be tended to with love and loyalty. 

We come to learn first hand how each and every one of us is essential in the great task of taking care of life- our own, our families and communities and that of the larger relational field. 

Magic is very real and it feels a lot like connection. Connection and nourishment of the unseen dimensions of life and how those dimensions directly touch and effect physical reality, health, relationships and the vibrancy of the world as we know it. 

The ancients well understood the utter necessity of interfacing with and working in tandem with the Otherworld- the realm of Spirit. 

It is the underlying nature of life.




Textured Wood

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your people, 
my people, 
the ancients who 
reside in the 
Deep Earth
and all layers
of her Being.
Thank You.